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The 4 Month Group Coaching Program to Escape the All or Nothing Mentality with Food, Eliminate Binge Eating, Conquer the Diet Cycles, and Free Your Mind From Obsessive Thoughts of Food For Good.

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You are the perfect fit to apply if:

  • You binge eat, emotionally overeat, or are constantly trying the next diet.

  • You have an ‘all-in, all-out’ mentality with food. Either you’re super disciplined, or it’s complete chaos.

  • You love food but struggle not to feel guilty when you eat what you really want.

  • You’re ready to stop thinking about food and how you look 24/7 so you can focus on being a better wife, mom, or growing as a professional.

It doesn’t matter if you binge eat/emotionally eat, you’re constantly dieting, or both.

If you’re stressed about food, ✨ you’re in the right place.

Our 4 Months Together Will Include:

12-Module Core Curriculum:

The exact steps to stop being a hot mess 🥵 and fix your relationship with food. No more trying to figure it out on your own – I got you!

Group Coaching Calls: 

Get all the questions answered, barriers resolved, and hurdles jumped for rapid growth while having a good time! ⚡️ Calls are hosted 2-4 times a month.

“Back Pocket” M-F Support:

Get ready to have a dietitian on retainer in your back pocket! 👖 Use our community forum to ask questions/seek support. Enjoy talking with other women in addition to the continual team support.


Meal Planning Help

No more worrying about what to eat or how to plan out your meals. Learn my method of meal planning that has helped my clients eat stress-free AND binge-free.

Healthy Habit Roadmap

Get access to a roadmap designed to instill healthy habits for life!

Bonus Seminars on PCOS, Emotional Eating & more!

Exclusive access to a bonus vault full of additional trainings on hot topics like PCOS, emotional eating, and meal planning.

What you’ll learn 📖 



  • Implement my 5-step process to get rid of any mindset blocks keeping you from being successful.

  • Understand how intuitive eaters think and let go of the food rules that send you down guilt/shame cycles.

  • Make peace with the foods on your sh*t list & learn to trust yourself around them.

  • Master the ability to ride the wave of emotions rather than automatically turning to food.



  • ​Learn why it is that you consistently come back to dieting, and why it’s consistently failed you.

  • Effortlessly know how to tell if you’ve had enough to eat, and walk away with no hesitation.

  • Discover the exact strategy I use to keep my metabolism moving and grooving.

  • Navigate eating foods that benefit your health without falling into obsessive cycles.

  • Follow a lifestyle effortlessly that reverses insulin resistance, PCOS symptoms, weight cycling, blood sugar imbalances, and cholesterol imbalances.



  • Break up with the scale for good while no longer letting your weight define your mood..

  • Create respect in the body you occupy rather than constantly trying to punish it.

  • Never be triggered by shopping again.

  • Develop a sense of self-compassion and move away from self-deprecation.

  • Unearth the fun parts of life that you’ve been missing while you were obsessing over trying to shrink your body.

Plus you get…

Daily support and accountability for 4-months

  • Have a community of women that are there for you

  • Get expert-advice on anything and everything you want!

  • Be held accountable to the commitment you made to yourself with check ins and group calls.​

  • Grab your phone out of your back pocket and get instant access to your coaches! 📱 

  • Celebrate leaving behind feelings of being lost, defeated, and hopeless 🎉 

Reviews from previous Nourished & Free members

“I just finished the N&F program with Yates Nutrition and it was absolutely life-changing!! Before doing N&F, I had tried every diet on the market, was a chronic binge eater, and had a horribly toxic relationship with food and my body image. Now I’m over three months binge-free, my approach to food and eating is completely different, and I am not letting my body/size hold me back from living a full and complete life!

Before working with Michelle I had tried diets such as Weight Watchers, Isogenix, and even weight loss surgery! Did I lose weight with all of them – sure.. but did I keep it off – no!! None of those were sustainable options to heal what really needed to be fixed.

But for anyone who is like how I was and ready to heal your relationship with food and body image once and for all, and ready to not let those things hold you back anymore – this program is a MUST and completely life changing!”


“There are 10 million “diet/weight loss/exercise/lifestyle change” programs out there offering false hope. Then there is Yates Nutrition’s Nourished & Free.N&F is a one-two punch: Michelle and her small, credible, hands-on team help you get to the root of why and how you got where you are to find real, sustainable solutions; and, the group setting provides empathy, camaraderie and an extra security blanket of support.It is an amazing feeling to jump off the gerbil wheel of uncontrollable food thoughts, stop chasing “false hope” plans, and start living a balanced, healthy life.”

– Wendy